T-RO paper submission procedure

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Preliminary Actions for New Submissions

 First read the Information for Authors for topics such as submission types, copyright and ethical issues, style of manuscripts and IEEE tools for authors, PDF file testing, paper length, and page charges. All authors of a paper should possess a PIN number from the Robotics & Automation Society journal or conference management systems.

If you have submitted a paper to the most recent ICRA conferences or to any other RAS conference using PaperPlaza, you already have one. In order to find your own PIN or those of your coauthors, update your personal information (strongly recommended before submitting), or register a new PIN if you never obtained one before, just follow the link in the Log In page of the T-RO PaperCept site and test your PDF manuscript file before submission in order to avoid potential problems due to font embedding. Just follow the link available in your T-RO PaperCept Access Page after having logged in.

Steps for New Submissions

The following procedure applies to new submissions, to submissions of revised papers that were originally handled through the old T-RO review system (up to 2007), or to submissions of fully revised papers that were rejected in T-RO PaperCept (from 2008). All these submissions will receive a new paper ID in the system.

1. Log in with your RAS PIN number and password at the T-RO PaperCept submission site. 로그인한다. 
2. Follow the link "Submit a new paper to IEEE-TRO". 제출하기 누른다.
3. Select the Type of Submission: Regular Paper, Short Paper, Communication Item, or Survey Paper (please, contact the EiC in advance for this last category). An additional category may be present during the calls for papers for a Special Issue.
Choose to whom you submit - the only active option is to the T-RO Editor-in-Chief (EiC). 레귤러 페이퍼를 제출한다.
4. Enter the Authors. 저자를 입력한다. 
     -Enter ALL authors through their RAS PIN.
     -Select the corresponding author.
     -The order of authors can be adjusted.
5. Enter the Title and Abstract (no more than 1200 chars, without TeX or HTML commands). 제목과 초록을 쓴다.
6. Enter the Keywords (using also the list of RAS subject areas). 키워드를 쓴다.
     -A minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 5 (recommended) keywords can be entered.
     -Keywords can be chosen from the list of RAS subject areas (those used for ICRA conferences) or typed in freely (for at most 2 keywords).
7. Enter extra information. 추가 정보를 쓴다.
     -If a preliminary version of the paper has been (or is going to be) presented at conference(s), specify in a compact way which one(s); these conference papers should be explicitly cited in the present journal submission, with few statements about differences/changes/additions (papers lacking to comply with this will be returned by the EiC). 만약 이전 내용이 발표되었으면, 그 정보를 쓴다. 모가 달라졌는지!
     -If the submission is a revision of a paper originally handled through the old T-RO review system (up to 2007) OR is a full revision of a paper that was rejected in T-RO PaperCept (from 2008), provide the former paper ID.
     -Enter 'no' in any of these fields, if the related conditions do not apply.
8. Enter a Cover Note with a brief message to the EiC (in particular, use this field for indicating whether the submission is intended for a specific Special Issue). 커버 레터를 입력한다. 
9. File Upload. 파일을 올린다.
     -Paper in PDF: max 5MB for Regular Paper or Survey Paper, max 2MB for Short Paper or Communication Item.
     -Authors should use the IEEE Transactions style and format right from the initial submission. There are limits on the maximum number of PDF pages in Transactions format for each paper category. These are: max 17 for Regular Paper, max 9 for Short Paper, max 4 for Communication Item, max 20 for Survey Paper. In case of acceptance, extra page charges apply to Regular papers exceeding 10 Transactions pages, to Short papers exceeding 5 Transactions pages, to Communication items exceeding 3 Transactions pages, and to Survey papers exceeding 14 Transactions pages. 17장이 최대이다. 
     -Multimedia attachment [optional]: a single zipped file, max 50MB, including also ReadMe.txt and Summary.txt files. 동영상은 50MB이다. 
     -Reply to the Reviewers' Comments and List of Changes made (in a single PDF file, max 1MB) [mandatory for revised papers originally handled through the old T-RO review system; optional, but encouraged, for fully revised papers previously rejected in T-RO PaperCept]. 

If the submission was successful, a message is displayed on screen and an acknowledgment email is sent to your address (cc: to all other co-authors).

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