Robotics in Germany

Posted 2015. 6. 16. 13:45

구 박사님의 도움으로 많은 정보를 얻게 되었다. 

필요 서류

1. 막스 플랑크 연구실- Stefan Schaal 교수님

머신 러닝을 많이 사용한다. 

2. KIT 타민 교수님

휴머노이드 연구실인가 보다. 

3. 프레이버그 대학교 - 볼프람 부가드

4. TUB - Oliver Brock 교수님

매니퓰레이션을 하는 것 같다. 

5. TUM - Martin Buss 교수님

Control theory and optimal control

Telepresence and teleaction

Natural human-robot interaction and collaboration

Robot action in dynamic environments

Social robotics

6. TUM - 이동희 Dongheui Lee 교수님 

At the Human Robot Interaction for Automation Systems group we aim at innovative research on cognitive robot motor skill learning and control based on human motion understanding. The main focus of the research is twofold: autonomous learning from observations in daily life and cognitive robot control. In order to realize an intuitive robot and to satisfy humans’ expectations for a robotic companion, we study about human beings and transfer the discovered mechanisms to robotic systems. In this way, the robot can learn new skills without engineers' programming and learn complicate tasks incrementally in a generalized framework. Especially by bridging learning from observations, robot motor control, and learning from self practices, robots will be capable of performing complex tasks robustly under uncertainties. 

7. TUM - Gordon Cheng 교수님

여긴 cognitive system을 한다. 나랑은 조금 다르다. 

8. TUM - 산드라 힐쉬 S. Hirche 교수님

영상만 봐서는 몬가 나랑 비슷하다. 근데 publication은 아닌 거 같기도 하고.. 

9. 브레멘 대학교 - Michael Beetz 교수님

순수 AI 쪽이라던데.. 나랑은 좀 다른 것 같다. 

10. DLR 연구소

11. TUM -  Dirk Wollherr 디어크 볼헤어 교수님

이 분이 나랑 가장 잘 맞을 것 같다. 

His research interests include automatic control, robotics, autonomous mobile robots, human-robot-interaction, and humanoid walking.

이 과제:

Path Planning in Dynamic Environments

A major goal in current mobile robotics research is to bring robots into natural human-populated environments. Such scenario requires safe navigation amongst people. Trying to completely avoid regions resulting from worst case predictions of the obstacle dynamics may leave no free space for a robot to move, especially within environments with high dynamic. To move deftly and goal-oriented within populated areas, the environmental dynamics has to be predicted and taken into account during path planning. This requires first to perceive dynamic objects, second to predict their future motions and third to plan a sophisticated path based on this knowledge.

가 나랑 잘 맞는 것 같다. 

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