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 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Governments should focus its budgets more on environmental protection than on economic development. (agree)

 - It is evident that achieving an economic property is one of the major roles of the government in our modern society. It can be easily verified by just looking at campaign promises of the politicians. I, however, believe that preserving nature environment has a higher priority for two reasons. 

 Of course, no one hates having more money in their wallet. 

 First of all, our surrounding environments are deeply intertwined to our health. We can easily find examples of this in our daily lives. It is known that the icebergs in the North pole melts because of the greenhouse gas, resulting abnormal nature phenomenon such as the tsunami. 

 Moreover, it is hard, and often almost impossible, to recover from environmental pollution. In other words, the irreversibility of the nature makes environmental protection more crucial. As the earth we are living in is not ours only, we have responsibility to preserve our nature for our children. 


 Some people may argue that only educational movies are worth watching. In some senses, it is undeniable that one of our primary benefits of watching movie is learning about our lives without actual experience. However, only by underestimating the importance of watching non-educational movies, one can say that only a movie that gives a lesson is useful

 Of course, the importance of educational effect of watching a movie is undeniable. From a movie, we can easily and cheaply experience and learn about ~. For 

 Nevertheless, ___ is not always a virtue for ___ . 

 Moreover, when it comes to the ___ . For some ___ .  

 In sum, despite the importance of learning our lives indirectly, the possibility either it can develop children's imagination or make people entertain tells us that movies that are not educational are also helpful as well. Taken together, I strongly believe that watching a movie is advantageous to us even though it does not teach about real life. 



In this point of view, 

In my experience

It is beneficial to 

I was able to figure out that ~

If a had a good language skill, 

The issue of balance between A and B has raised wild public debate. In a modern days, if a nation wants to be competitive in international affairs, it should pay more attention to A as A' has become the main measure of the power of a nation. However, it 

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